Doctor's Approved: Worst Hidden Effects Eating Raw Vegetables

#1. Many vegetables provide extra vitamins and minerals when eaten raw. Cooking can decrease water-soluble vitamins like vitamins B and C.

#2. Raw vegetables' high fiber content helps improve gut health and digestion.

#3. Because raw vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber, they can help with weight management.

#4. The rich antioxidant and mineral contents of raw vegetables can fortify your immune system and aid in the body's defence against illnesses.

#5. Eating raw vegetables may cause bloating, gas, or even cramps due to a High-fiber diet. It happens because the body takes time to adjust according to high fiber.

#6. Raw veggies can occasionally contain infections and dangerous bacteria. In order to reduce the risk of foodborne diseases, they must be thoroughly cleaned.

#7. Goitrogens, found in a variety of fresh vegetables, especially cruciferous ones like broccoli and kale, may have an adverse effect on thyroid function if consumed in excess.

#8. Some nutrients are better absorbed by cooked vegetables. Boiling tomatoes enhances the availability of the antioxidant lycopene.