NFL: Uber Eats Ad Criticized for Making Fun of Peanut Allergies

Uber Eats is experiencing backlash after it seemed to mock a man experiencing a peanut butter allergy in its Super Bowl commercial.

A charitable organization called Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) expressed its surprise and disappointment at the company's usage of allergies as a joke.

Uber Eats comment:  With millions of Americans anticipated to watch it on Super Bowl Sunday, the firm released "Don't Forget Uber Eats" as their Super Bowl commercial.

 Victoria, a former Spice Girl, is asked, "Remember when you used to be a Pepper Lady?" by David Beckham in their kitchen. "Wasn't it the Cinnamon Sisters?" she replies.

The image that causes controversy, is the one where a man asks, "There's peanuts in peanut butter?" while he stares at the jar label while looking to be experiencing an allergic reaction and has hives all over his face and a swollen eye.

Food Allergy Canada requested that the firm change the advertisement, stating that food allergies were "no laughing matter".

Head of the organization FARE, Dr. Sung Poblete, expressed worry over advertisements that make fun of food allergies because she believes it could lead to bullying of youngsters.