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Founder of Health pe Charcha:

Hi friends, I am Rampratap Kumar, Founder of Health pe Charcha. I am an Engineer who graduated from IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat and Right now I am a Faculty for Class 11, 12 and JEE Students in Howrah West Bengal.

I started my blogging journey in Health and Wellness in November 2023.

The story behind Health pe Charcha to start

I started this blog with some deep sentiments from my time when I was in IIT Gandhinagar as a college student. My family was from a middle-class background in India, where the average income is roughly 20,000 Indian rupees. I worked hard to get into prestigious universities like the IITs. Due to my financial hardships, I completed my entire education using scholarships from the college. Unfortunately, I got infected by tuberculosis (TB) in my college days when I was in the 2nd Year. It was so weird feeling because no one was allowed to meet me at that time due to my contagiousness.

At that time, I learnt so many important life lessons and health is one of them. From that incident in my life, I started researching health and wellness causes and solutions and spent a lot of time on this independent of my degree.

Currently, whatever content is provided about health and wellness in this blog is based on my personal experiences as well as research I’ve done on Google and the internet.

Vision of Health pe Charcha

The vision of Health pe Charcha is to provide authentic knowledge of health and wellness to make readers excited to live healthier and happier lives.

The following content will be provided on this blog website:

  • Nutrition
  • Diet
  • Foods for Health
  • Sex Education
  • Disease and Control
  • Everything for general human health etc.

What this blog post by Health pe Charcha will address is:

Authentic Content

We promise to deliver well-researched, up-to-date, and accurate content. Thanks to the work of our team of writers and experts, our material is based on the most recent findings in science and medicine.

Personal Touch

We understand that obtaining optimal health is an extremely individual journey. For this reason, we share with our readers personal narratives, firsthand accounts, and insightful observations. In addition to offering information, we also hope to build relationships with people.

Engagement with the Community

There is no one-way path on Health Pe Charcha. We value and encourage community involvement. We love to hear about your thoughts, questions, and critiques. Together, we can develop and learn.

Join Us on the Journey

For anyone seeking advice on nutrition, physical activity, mental health, or simply inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle, Health Pe Charcha is a valuable resource. Join us on this incredible path to better health, and let’s support one another along the way.

We are happy you have become a part of the Health Pe Charcha community. On this journey, we can’t wait to discover new vistas and find out how we can best assist you in achieving wellness.

Kindly get in touch with us if you have any questions, or comments, or just want to say hello. Our mission is to make a lasting impression on you and enhance your quality of life.

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Author: Rampratap Kumar

👉 B.Tech IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat

👉 WordPress Web Developer, Blogger

👉 Research interest in Diet, Nutrition, Health and Wellness